The Abstractbook is available as pdf download: Abstractbook_MMBP20141.pdf

The final program. Molecular-Membrane-Biophysics_2014_Hünfeld_Program

The Invited Speakers are:

Burkhard Bechinger (Strasbourg; Biophys. Invest. of the Membrane Struct. and Interactions of the Amphipathic N-Terminus of Huntingtin)
Gerald Brezesinski (Potsdam; Peptides and Peptidomimetics confined at the soft air/liquid interface)
Katarina Edwards (Uppsala; Lipodisks – discovery and development of a novel versatile model membrane and promising drug carrier)
Felix Goñi (Bilbao; Detergents in the lab: Washing the glassware and beyond)
Heiko Heerklotz (Toronto; 1 + 1 = 3? Concerted action of membrane permeabilizers)
Martin Hof (Prague; Hydration, mobility, aggregation, and nanocluster formation in model membranes studied by fluorescence)
Carola Hunte (Freiburg; Role of lipids for structure and function of respiratory membrane protein complexes)
Christian Salesse (Québec; Preferential binding of peripheral proteins to lipid monolayers)
Simon Scheuring (Marseille; High-speed and high resolution AFM monitors dynamic membrane-mediated membrane protein interactions)
Gerhard Thiel (Darmstadt; Protein/lipid interactions in miniature viral K+ channels)

Biological membranes (or biomembranes) form the outer boundary of every living cell. But they are not only a diffusion barrier between cells and different compartments. They are essential for structure, form, and signal transduction as well. Membranes are composed of a lipid bilayer with integral membrane proteins and associated peripheral proteins. These proteins have many essential functions and serve especially as channels, transporters, catalysts and sensors.

Our workshop “Molecular Membrane Biophysics” deals with the fundamental molecular processes and mechanisms, which control the structure and dynamics of biological or model membranes, which govern the interaction between different membrane components or which control the energy supply and signal transduction within or across cell membranes. Furthermore, new methodical advancements of molecular membrane research shall be introduced and discussed.

Finally, we want to bring together scientists of all fields of biomembrane research, especially from physics, chemistry, biochemistry and the molecular-oriented areas of biology.